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Habits of Mind.

posted Aug 26, 2014, 6:37 PM by Elizabeth Bishop
I have not been writing everyday. I started this written record on August 23 and it's been a solid two days since returning. It is true that writing aids in the process of brainstorming, or free flowing and fighting through the necessary perils of composition. 

I'm thinking a lot about cultural studies these days. The specific practices of social scientific reporting seem geared toward replication and precisely the nuanced explorations of language are lost in this pursuit. My writerly voice has been quieted by scientificity, and although it's not a problem-in-itself, but it's a problem for me. 

This isn't to say I don't love research. Quite the opposite. The writing I seek to undertake engages with the intertextuality of study through a Derridean free play that performs an embodiment of the multiple, of multiplicity. It sounds more arcane or rhetorically loaded than it really is under the aesthetic, rhizomatic execution. This is precisely my landscape. From here I will build connectivity and installation.  

More on this topic. Habits of mind not yet breached. I am excited to return to the Literary and Cultural Studies world. I think it is ready for me too. I hope it is. Rhizomatic. Concept map futurity.